El Salvador - eCommerce

eCommerce is an initiative to support a small group of small and medium entrepreneurs to sell high quality Salvadoran products through the Internet. The benefits are:

• Access to more than 75 million potential clients through Amazon.
• Increased consumers confidence to purchase products through a well-known and reliable source such as Amazon.
• Direct sales of the products without the need of a broker or third party, increasing the product’s profitability.
• Lower product transportation costs’ through joint exportation.
• The number and variety of products offered on the site increases, making it more attractive to consumers.

More than 125 products are being sold through this eCommerce initiative, including as of early 2010, products in the following categories:

• Apparel and Accessories
• Gourmet food
• Health and Personal care
• Home and Garden
• Musical instruments

Learn more about the companies and products in the eCommerce project at:



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