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FairShare Institute for Economic Development


The FairShare Institute for Economic Development is organized in three centers:

• The Center for Training and Professional Development:

Develops intensive training through practical short-courses specially designed for small entrepreneurs, small business managers and leaders of community organizations. The Center also provides conference management services and publishes a variety of useful material for the development of small businesses and community organizations.

• The Project Management and Technical Assistance Center:

The Center provides management services for groups of small businesses or community organizations, in areas such as joint export, marketing or joint acquisition. Also, provides technical assistance in multiple areas oriented towards the growth and development of small businesses.

• The Center for Innovation and Product Development:

Dedicated to the investigation of new product market niches where small businesses can be competitive and to the development of new products specifically-designed to meet the requirements of these potential new markets. Provides assistance to SMEs in order to obtain risk capital to finance market research and product development activities, or provides these support services itself.

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