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When it comes to raising funds for our projects, you can help in two ways:

1. The FairShare Foundation works with brand-owner/manufacturers through licensing the use of the FairShare Seal on their products. The FSF seal informs consumers, that the brand-owner/manufacturers are committed to making a regular contribution to improving the welfare of less-advantaged people in different parts of the world through the regular donation of 5% of the wholesale revenues they earn through the sale of their products to the social investment fund operated by the Foundation. SMEs who have received funding from FSF, and are successful at growing their small businesses, may also choose to use our seal on their products, thus themselves also becoming regular contributors to the FairShare Fund.

2. The FSF also raises funds from direct donations from individuals or corporations. Such donations made to the Fund are tax-deductible in the United States and El Salvador.


The FSF invests the funds it receives in productive projects in disadvantaged areas around the world, mostly in developing countries, but also including poor communities in the US and other industrialized countries.

The FSF only finances income producing and job creating activities and beneficiaries are expected to eventually become contributors themselves, having first achieved success in their projects and repaid the resources provided by the Fund through extremely flexible repayment terms.


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